We thank all the users of the ScanTheSun application for valuable tips and opinions, In September 2019, a new update for the ScanTheSun Partners and ScanTheSun Experts versions will be released.

The main changes relate to the profitability analysis performed when choosing a specific module for the effective insolation calculation (‘select panel’ button). What’s new in the update

1. Easy selection between PV modules or thermal collectors.

  • The solar modules database used for preparing the profitability forecast was divided into two sets: the set of photovoltaic panels and the set of thermal collectors
  • The ‘select panel’ button for choosing a specific module for profitability analysis will display the choice between ‘Photovoltaic Panels’ and ‘Thermal Collectors’ sets.

2. Selection between PV-panels or thermal collectors sets.

In either set, choose the module that will be installed in the investment. Here, Q.PEAK-G4.1 300 Hanwha Q CELLS was selected.

3. The number of modules planned in the investment.

The number of modules to be mounted in the investment should be specified. The profitability forecast and total energy yield will be calculated for the entire installation, which consists of the number of panels given.

4. Insolation report.

Unlike the previous version of ScanTheSun where the online report included the amount of energy produced per one squared meter of the roof area (in unit kWh/m2) the new version contains the yield (in kWh units) for the total energy production from the entire solar installation. The forecast of total energy production facilitates the profitability analysis for the entire investment.

5. Total power from solar installation.

The updated version of ScanTheSun will calculate the power generated by the entire solar installation minute by minute for individual months. The hours of the power generation by the entire installation helps in choosing the right inverter.