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Installation design in 1 minute

Get the design of a PV installation on your roof in the fastest way possible from those available on the market and in addition on your smartphone.

Up to 35% more energy

Our efficient installation design allows for higher energy yield due to the most optimal positioning of the panels.

Innovative solution

The design of an efficient installation which, by positioning the panels at the right angle, allows more energy to be gained than would be possible with the standard option.

Faster return on investment

A perfectly tailored design in terms of the number of panels as well as their positioning significantly changes the payback time.

Measurements without climbing on the roof

The application will prepare the design from the ground level, we focus on safety and user convenience.

Consideration of shading

Trees, surrounding buildings, or chimneys are taken into account in the design of the panel layout to keep the energy yield at the highest possible level.

Detailed report

Find out what the energy yield forecast from your installation is for each month, taking into account weather conditions.

An ecological solution

A properly designed installation reduces the number of panels needed to meet energy needs. Fewer panels = less electro-waste.

STANDARD installation

It involves the application designing a standard arrangement of the panels, yet it takes into account the surrounding buildings, trees and associated shading, and the design generated by the application indicates which location on the roof is most optimal for the placement of the PV panels.

EFFICIENT installation

This design option not only shows where the panels should be installed taking into account the shading, but also indicates at what angle they should be positioned for the highest possible energy yield with fewer panels.


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