Comparison of PV panels amounted in a standard way – within the roof surface with panels installed according to ScanTheSun optimization recomendations. Energy yield monitoring, 20% more energy thanks to ScanTheSun optimization.

The free version of ScanTheSun app has been used to determine the best direction of solar modules on a building in the immediate vicinity of trees and other free-standing buildings. Two groups of 6 panels were mounted on stands according to the best direction obtained from ScanTheSun app.

The third group of 4 panels has been installed in a standard way, i.e. within the roof surface . The entire installation of 16 panels has been equipped with Solar Edge optimizers and inverter allowing energy production monitoring from each individual PV module. The collected data confirm the ScanTheSun energy yield forecast: 20% more energy yield thanks to the basic ScanTheSun optimization of PV modules.