We thank all the users of the ScanTheSun application for valuable tips and opinions,
that allowed us to develop the application in the way most expected by the final users.
As a thank you, we provide free activation of the latest version of ScanTheSun for you. This version is equipped with solar system profitability analysis functions.
See the example report
Below: a brief description of new features.

1. Mark the roof or ground

Mark the surfaces of the roof or fragment of ground. Enter elementary data and perform energy yield analysis for the building, garden etc.

2. Select multiple roof surfaces

You can enter multiple roof fragments and get comparative cost-effectiveness analysis for each fragment separately.

3. Which part of the roof is the best?

The roof direction will be determined automatically. See which parts of the roof are best positioned within the obstructions surroundings the building.

4. Create an online report

Create an online report that you can with your investors. The report contains data on the maximum number of panels and the required area for each roof fragment.

4a. Energy yield assessment

See clear energy yield assessment for the entire building.

4b. Energy yield assessment

See clear energy yield assessment for each roof section separately.

4c. Installation features

See graphs about the features of the planned solar installation.

5. Where to find the report?

All created reports are available in the MEASUREMENT section on the main application screen

6. How to view the report

In the MEASUREMENTS section, simply select the saved report from the list.

7. Repeated Activation

Important: Do not enter the activation code if you have used it before. If you have an activation code that was previously used to activate the ScanTheSun experts version, wait until the code expires and order a new code. Using the activation code twice will cancel the validity of the code.