Download activation
run all scanthesun functions

Activate the full version of ScanTheSun using a digit-key or an NFC tag.

The key in the form of a digital code activates the full version of ScanTheSun app in one smartphone. Download the key to provided email address. Enter the key in the ScanTheSun application to activate its full version.

The NFC tag in the form of a proximity card activates the full version of ScanTheSun in many smartphones. The NFC tag will be sent to provided street address. Touch the NFC tag with your smartphone to activate ScanTheSun full version. You can use the NFC tag for activation in many smartphones.

Key for one smartphone

The key activating all ScanTheSun functionalities in one smartphone will be sent to provided email address. Please check also your spam folder.

NFC tag for many smartphones

The NFC proximity tag that activates all ScanTheSun functionalities in many smartphones will be shipped to provided street address.