Solar totay March/April 2015, p.31, USA (2015)
"ScanTheSun is an application to adjust solar panels for maximum operational efficiency"
Home Energy Magazine August 2015, USA (2015)
"ScanTheSun: A Tool for Solar-Panel Users"
Sonnen Energie  January 2015, Germany (2015)
"ScanTheSun optimierung der kollektorausrichtung mittels Verschattungsanalyse"
ReNew Magazine Alternative Technology Association, AUSTRALIA (2014)
"There are a few Android and iThing apps that are aimed at making it easier to get the most from a solar energy system, but one of the more innovative is the ScanTheSun app"
Agroenergetyka Nr. 4 (50), national quarterly magazine, Poland (2014)
"You won't lose energy with the ScanTheSun app"


"The highest insolation of a solar panel is the basis of any solar installation.Different solar modules shapes strongly affect the optimal panel orientation. Finding optimal panel orientation was a pure guesswork at the presence of obstructions like landform, trees or buildings around the installation area. This year national winner of the Energy Globe Award in Poland developed a smartphone application that adjusts solar panels towadrs the Sun for maximum operational efficiency."


It did what I wanted it to do: It showed me the levels of efficiency in changing variables like the angle, placement, time-of-year, and direction my panels were facing.

Great app !!! I would like to congratulate the author of professionalism and genuinely envy his knowledge :-)


Very good application. Helpful Professional. I recommend to those interested in photovoltaics

exactly what i needed,perfect

very good Android 8.0 works. Unfortunately, a compass is needed in the phone, which my device does not have. Therefore neutral 3 stars.

Very good app, but I can not get the coordinate with the GPS automatically.
ScanTheSun reply: This issue has been fixed in the recent two ScanTheSun app versions.

Some fantastic functionality for a free app! Easy to use and good documentation.

I checked out of 5 other applications in this field. ScanTheSun outclasses them all at once and individually! To be honest it is a shame that all these applications must be placed on one rating scale, because it almost provokes the author of this miracle;) Taking into account the geographical location, terrain, circular and rotational movement of the Earth. Determining the terrain and obstacles, determining the percentage of panel performance depending on the location presented in a beautiful colorful sphere. Masterpiece!. Additional diagrams of daily energy production broken down by months and determination of the accuracy of operations up to 2055! EVERYTHING in this application is thought out and in place! If I buy a house, in 20 seconds I will know how profitable it is to install solar panels on it. I will not have to rely on the opinions of "experts" :)

Awesome for solar set up

Excellent application, very useful for the evaluation of solar thermal production

it looks little difficult to understand the application.

Good realtime rendering, but needs additional features. 1) correction for magnetic variance (corrected based on observed sun location vs calculated?). 2) ability to set date. 3) full year integrated insulation values and percentage of ideal tilt. 4) saved report for site eval.
ScanTheSun reply: Hi Chris, some of the features you suggested have been implemented in two recent app versions.

Very good. We just need to save the data collected on the spot.
ScanTheSun reply: We implemented saving the data as an online insolation report accessible via internet.


Wow, useful? Immensely, perfect would be, adding in ROI calculations, figured from known kWh usage.


Easy to use and beautifully made

It is excellent! .... very useful! The only problem is when using a previously created shadow horizon, it is almost always displaced from the true horizon and the question of which was the best measurement remains. It is surely due to the calibration of the sensors and the compass. It would be very interesting to add an option to download in a .jpg file the image of the shadow horizon, with the solar trajectory, the hour quadrants and the information of sunrise and sunset times behind the objects that provide shade. I congratulate you, excellent work!

Good work, bring more feature to it
ScanTheSun reply: Please inform us what additional features You are interested in. Email:

I find it good

Really great tool for investigating solar potential in particular place. Addition: It would be great to display numerical values for current tilt/azimuth along with effectiveness percentage.
ScanTheSun reply: Thank you Sergey. We changed the app according to your suggestion. It is now tested in beta version. Update will be released within next several days. Regards. Edit 10.03.2017: tilt and elevation angles have been added and published in version 2.4. Thanks for suggestions.

I like it. But I can't use it in my cell phone because it says that my device is not providing the angular information.

Great. . Very useful. ..

Perth Australia Worked easily and gave very believable result in Australia. Very useful results.


professional Professional program for guiding solar panels

Great app Thanks!

Excellent work, works great One of the best sun tool app in store. A Must have for engineers ,thanks from Greece. In future upgrade is it possible to add the feature to save the horizon line we scanned thanks

MH Working well so far Motorola Atrix

Great piece of software Very useful, thanks!. Worked perfectly with my Galaxy Note 2, though a little difficult to see the instructions with the sun shining on the screen. A couple of requests if I may?, 1, the yellow dialogue boxes are almost impossible to read, especially outside, please change the colour. 2. Would be great if a shot of the shading horizon with the sun track range of winter and summer could be saved along with the analysis output.